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Art · of · the · Non-Artists

Hello, my name's Elise.

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Guess I'm the only, hopefully just for now.

I made this community because I love art and I like to make stencils and such in my free time. Also because my art was rejected by one of the art teachers at my old high school because she thought it was crap. Luckily for me, I'm not an artist nor do I plan to be one.

The username is in French because I love French and because for a long time Paris was the art capital of the world. I'm not fluent in French so if the username does not make any sense, I'm sorry. Just go along with it and laugh at me when you see me on the street but don't be a douche and call me out on it on this community.

I'm 17, my birthday's coming up in August, I like to make art, but I'm not an artist, I'm an actress. I'll post some of my work on the next entry I write.

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